Lens Film Camera


  • RECTAFLEX ROTOR turret vintage rare film camera 3 Angenieux Lenses 135mm, 28,50mm
  • Mamiya M645 J With Two Lenses, AE Prism, And Power Drive
  • CLA'd Hasselbladski Kiev-88 6x6 Medium Format Film Camera with 2 Lenses! Read
  • Vintage Leica IIF red dial Rangefinder camera. Leica M39 Tread Mount Lenses
  • How To Choose The Right Lenses For Filmmaking
  • Mamiya M645 1000S With Metered Prism, 80mm And 55mm Lenses
  • Vintage 100 Lens Vs New 1000 Lens Using Cheaper Film Lenses With Dslr S And Mirrorless Cameras
  • Ex Mamiya RZ67 Pro II sekor Z 110mm 50mm 65mm lenses 120 film back (986-K104)
  • Mamiya Super 23 Medium Format 120 6x9 Camera with 127 & 150mm lenses
  • CLA'd Hasselbladski Kiev-88CM 6x6 Medium Format Film Camera with 2 Lenses
  • Vintage Custom FKD 24x30cm Large Wooden Camera With 2 Lenses & 2 Cassettes
  • Mamiya RZ67 PRO outfit with 90mm and 180mm lenses (RZ 67)
  • Mamiya RB67 With Two Lenses, WLF And Prism Finder
  • ROLLEIFLEX SL 2000 F motor 35mm film camera kit 5 lenses complete manual caps
  • Film Tested Medium format camera Koni-Omegaflex M, lenses, viewfinders, film backs
  • Zeiss Ikon Contaflex Tlr Complete With 35mm / 50mm / 85mm Lenses Very Rare #1087
  • ZEISS CONTAREX System Super SLR camera 5x Distagon lenses Biogon 21mm hoods case
  • Complete Rollei Sl66 Set With Rare Prototype Items + 9 Different Lenses Included